Assessment for Beringia Unit

Beringia Assessment

     In Language Arts, we have practiced writing narratives.  It's time to put those skills to the test as we write a narrative through the eyes of an early American.  For this assignment, you will pretend that you are a cave person who lived some time between 10,000-30,000 years ago.  You will create a story that describes an epic journey from Northeast Asia to North America.  Get ready to prove your understanding of early American migrations and the wild animals that roamed the earth during the Ice Age.  Use the links below to help you form ideas for your story.


Get background for what ideas must be in your story here:

Explanation of the Fishy Fossil


Use the plot diagram below to plan important parts of your story:

Plot Diagram


Now let's make some drawings to show the different parts of your narrative:

Picture Plan


Once we have our plans, let's write a rough draft of your story:

Written Plan


Check out this incredible example of a fishy fossil journey:

Fishy Fossil Example


Does your narrative live up to the expectations?  Check the rubric below:

Fishy Fossil Rubric


Need tips on how to make it better?  Check the helper guide below:

Fishy Fossil Helper Guide





Ice Age and Beringia